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Dewalt DCC2560T1 Cordless Air Compressor

Are you looking for a Dewalt battery powered air compressor? Then you will be pleased to know that Dewalt has a 60V battery operated air compressor using the FLEXVOLT 60V platform. Knowing Dewalt, it is renowned for its industry standard power tools and manufacturing the best tools you can use for construction or home diy projects.

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In this article we are going to be looking at the Dewalt battery operated air compressor, model DCC2560T1. We will look at its features, specs and uses. We will then explore some user reviews to help you make a better informed buying decision since customer feedback is invaluable for that. Read Dewalt 5 Tool Combo Kit DCK590L2

People tend to say what they liked and disliked about a product. We will also look at some DeWalt air tools that you may be interested in paring with the DCC2560T1 cordless air compressor. Let us start with a quick overview!

DEWALT DCC2560T1 Cordless Battery Operated Air Compressor Overview

This battery powered cordless air compressor is compact, portable, and lightweight at only 21.5 lbs without a battery and 24 lbs with the battery. It can achieve up to 1, 220 nails per charge using one 6.0Ah Flexvolt battery a DEWALT DWFP12233 18 Gauge Brad nailer.dewalt portable air compressor

Being a DEWALT product, it is backed by a 3 year limited warranty. The cordless rechargeable air compressor is made in the USA with global materials. On purchase, the DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit includes the DCC2560 air compressor, 1x DCB606 flexvolt Lithium Ion battery,1x fast charger.

DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless Air Compressor Kit Review

“Ridgid was first to come out with a cordless compressor and I jumped right on it. I wanted DeWalt (as most all my batteries are DeWalt), but had no idea if or how long it would be for their version. But to be honest, I was happy with Ridgid. It worked very well, but I only had the two ridgid batteries and didn’t have time to wait around for them to charge. To my surprise, DeWalt came out with their compressor almost immediately, so I switched over. So far I’ve been very pleased with it (more so than Ridgid’s). The regulator to adjust air pressure is the best I’ve seen on any compressor. You just set the dial to the pressure you want and that’s it… The weight seems to be slightly more than Ridgid’s, but Ridgid came with a 1 gallon tank vs. DeWalt’s 2.5 gallon tank… ” Click here for more DEWALT DCC2560T1 Reviews like this…

DEWALT DCC2560T1 Price & Features

Let us have a quick look at DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit price and features. In looks like it retails for $299 or more with a lot of online merchants. The price mentioned below will be the amount you will be buying it for at Amazon.com which most of the time will be cheaper than other merchants. See Dewalt oscillating tool guide system

DEWALT DCC2560T1 Price

DEWALT DCC2560T1 Quick Features
Here is a quick look at the features of this Dewalt battery air compressor!

  • Up to 1,220 nails per charge when using one DCB606 battery and a DEWALT® DWFP12233 Brad Nailer
  • Brushless motor paired with a heavy duty oil-free pump provides cordless convenience with the power of a corded tool
  • OneTurn™ regulator for fast, accurate pressure adjustments
  • Lightweight and portable at only 21.5 lbs
  • Heavy duty roll cage for jobsite application
  • Compressor Made in the USA with Global Materials
  • 79 dBA operational noise level (tested per ISO 3477)
  • 1.2 SCFM @ 90 PSI (tested per ISO 1217)

DEWALT DCC2560T1 Features In Detail
dewalt battery operated air compressorThis portable battery operated air compressor DEWALT DCC2560T1 uses the 60V MAX Flexvolt platform is equipped with a brushless motor paired with an oil-free heavy-duty pump for low maintenance.

The brushless motor runs for a longer time compared to brush motors and it also tends to last longer giving the compressor a lengthier lifespan. This longer running times will make you forget that you are running on a battery more so that it also gives you the power of a corded tool. See Dewalt DCD771C2 review

This unit also comes equipped with a one turn regulator, a patented regulator for fast, accurate pressure adjustment! With this one turn patented regulator, you can just turn it, set it and go to work. It allows the user to simply adjust the regulator knob so the indicator is pointing to the desired PSI and it will then self-regulate. This feature is convenient for it gives fast and accurate pressure adjustments.

With a tank capacity of 2.5 gallons and a maximum tank pressure of 135 psi it delivers 1.2 SCFM at 90 psi and 1.5 SCFM at 40 psi. This provides ideal pressure and air flow for an extended range of trim and finish applications. It is also equipped with On/Off Switch with protective cover that enables it to withstands tough job-site conditions.


This cordless mini air compressor sits of rubber feet to help prevent the unit from “walking” when in use and is housed in a Heavy Duty Roll Cage that provides durability and stability and it also has a ball drain valve. Below is a quick look at the DEWALT DCC2560T1 specs. See Dewalt DCF887 review

DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless Air Compressor Specifications

  • 2.5 Gallons Tank Capacity
  • 0.4 Horsepower (hp)
  • 79dBA Noise Level
  • 1.5 SCFM @ 40PSI
  • 1.2 SCFM @ 90PSI
  • FlexVolt 60V MAX Lithium Ion
  • One Turn Regulator Type
  • Max Tank Storage of 135 psi
  • Ball Drain Valve
  • Dimensions – 12.5 (W) x 15.5 (H) x 14 (L) in
  • One Coupler
  • Oil Free Pump
  • Hand Carry & Portable
  • Light Duty Compressor
  • Weighs 21.5 lbs, without battery
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    DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Battery Air Compressor Uses

    If you are a stout pneumatic user, then this Dewalt battery compressor is ideal when you have to do a job far from a power source yet still you want to be using your existing pneumatic tools.
    air compressor inflator rechargeable cordlessThe DEWALT DCC2560T1 maintains speed during a variety of finish applications including molding, baseboards, door and window casing work, deck Lattice, as well as cabinet and furniture projects. It is not strong or powerful enough for jobs like framing and roofing work though!

    You can use on a lot of jobs that you would use any other air compressor as long as it is light duty work. With this small cordless air compressor you can do air brushing, blow cleaning, brad nailing or stapling, finish nailing or inflate car or bike tires.

    The DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless Air Compressor Kit can be used with a 16g and 18g pneumatic gun for interior trim or do hangers on decks or any such small jobs around the house. It is even more handy when there is no power, that is when you appreciate the power of cordless. Say you are out and about using outdoor power tools like cordless chainsaw, etc, you will find that you will be able to use this portable battery operated air compressor to clean the power tools you were using even if there is no power. So convenient!

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    DEWALT DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless Air Compressor Review

    Watch the following video from users giving reviews about how they use the DEWALT DCC2560T1 Cordless Air Compressor. Below are some sample DEWALT DCC2560T1 reviews from users at Amazon.com.

    [flv:https://diypowertools.review/wp-content/videos/cordless-air-compressor-dewalt-dcc2560t1-battery-powered-air-compressor.flv 640 360] Buy

    Here are some of the reviews from buyers and users of this cordless battery operated air compressor. You will notice that it is ideal as an air compressor for home use and diy jobs since it is not designed for heavy duty jobs like roofing…
    air compressor for power tools

    “I’m a framer and this cordless compressor is great for Trim and punch list items….we also use it for metal connections (hangers) for frames and decks….it keeps up no problem…not for roofing big jobs or framing a house but it has many uses, also great for installing windows with a roofing gun……thanks Dewalt”

    “This air compressor is a game changer for the residential homeowner, quiet and highly portable. Not sure how practical it is for the trades, since you can’t run a framer and by the time finish carpenters show up, electricity is likely up and running.”

    Click Here For More DEWALT DCC2560T1 Cordless Air Compressor Reviews…

    Where To Buy DEWALT DCC2560T1 Battery Air Compressor

    The DEWALT DCC2560T1 Battery Powered Air Compressor is for sale at several online merchants like Home Depot, ToolNut, Dewalt and more… However we recommend that you purchase it from Amazon.com for a number of reasons. The first being, you would normally find it cheaper there and there is free shipping. The other reason is that a lot of buyers at Amazon.com tend to leave reviews. Reviews can help you do your due diligence and research as you decide on buying.


    DeWalt Air Tools You May Consider

    air compressor for home useThe DEWALT DCC2560T1 is the best cordless air compressor you can have around because it gives you a choice to use your pneumatic tools especially that the other cordless battery operated tools would a bit heavier. If you have a choice between DEWALT DCN692B 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer and DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer probably the latter would be a better choice because it is lighter except that it would need an air compressor.

    The former needs a 20V lithium battery to operate but that adds a little weight so if you had a choice the DWFP12231 would be a better option. Generally battery operated nailers are heavier that pneumatic nailers, so be below is a few air tools that you might want to pair with the DEWALT DCC2560T1 air compressor.

    DeWalt DWFP12233 18 Gauge Precision Point Brad Nailer with Selectable Trigger

    DeWalt DWFP12233 Price
    Buy DeWalt DWFP12233

    DeWalt DWFP12233 Features

    • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment for proper setting of nail heads
    • Rear exhaust to keep contaminates away from work
    • Drives 18 GA Brad nails from 5/8″ to 2-1/8″ length
    • Tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal
    • Selectable trigger: sequential or contact actuation

    Read Dewalt 20V max impact | DEWALT DCC2560T1

    Buy DeWalt DWFP12233

    DEWALT DWFP12232 18-Gauge 1-1/2-Inch Narrow Crown Stapler Kit

    DEWALT DWFP12232 Price
    Buy DEWALT DWFP12232

    DEWALT DWFP12232 Features

    • Long life maintenance-free motor
    • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment with detents
    • Drives 18 GA. staples with 1/4″ crown from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ length
    • Magnesium body
    • Sequential style trigger, with a reload indicator

    Read Dewalt DCCS620P1 | Dewalt DCCS620B

    Buy DEWALT DWFP12232

    DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

    DEWALT DWFP12231 Price
    Buy DEWALT DWFP12231

    DEWALT DWFP12231 Features

    • Long life maintenance-free motor to keep from staining the work surface
    • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment with detents for proper setting of nail heads
    • Tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal
    • Rear exhaust to keep contaminates away from work
    • Drives 18 gauge nails from 5/8″ to 2″ length

    Read Dewalt DCCS620 | Dewalt 20v drywall cutout tool

    Buy DEWALT DWFP12231

    DEWALT DWMT70781L Palm Sander

    DEWALT DWMT70781L Price
    Buy DEWALT DWMT70781L

    DEWALT DWMT70781L Features

    • Lightweight & Compact design
    • Touch control trigger for easy user control
    • Composite body design with a cushion grip housing cover
    • Secure palm grip and tool protection for a long life
    • Operates with a 1/4″ Air inlet
    • Runs at 12,000 RPM
    • Designed stick on pads
    • Backed by Dewalt’s 3 year limited manufacturers warranty

    Read Dewalt DW660 review | Dewalt DCV580 review

    Buy DEWALT DWMT70781L

    The above Dewalt air tools will ensure that you use your air compressor to the fullest.

    Below are some images that show how else one can use this battery powered unit.

    air compressor for filling tires
    air compressor for nail gun

    Here is another look at other DIY jobs you can do at home.

    air compressor for cleaning
    air compressor for garage use

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