Black and Decker BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw Review

All DIYer’s need a jigsaw in their collection – Black and Decker BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw is great for cutting curves into material and is much better than using a hand saw. Some people are under the impression that a jigsaw can only be used to cut wood and that is where they are wrong.

While jigsaws are great for cutting wood, they can also be used to cut other material, like drywall, steel and fiberglass – this makes the jigsaw a versatile tool. Mind you, if you’re new to the world of jig saws and power tools, you’re going to need some help finding the best one. Recently, we discovered the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw and we definitely like what we found.

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Black and Decker BDEJS600C Overview

When you receive this product and open the box, you’ll find the saw, instructions and one blade, so you have everything you need in order to get started right away.

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Is the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw a suitable saw for you? Continue reading to find out…


A 5 Amp motor is responsible for powering the jigsaw and it can run up to 3,000 strokes per minute, which is decent. Come to think of it, that is more than enough for most of the DIY projects.

This saw is capable of cutting through almost anything like laminate, wood, aluminum, PVC, and other metals. However, before you go cutting into every type of material, it is important that you have the right blade installed for the job.

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Variable Speed

You can adjust the speed according to what you’re using it for – adjusting the speed can be done by depressing the trigger switch.

Black And Decker Jigsaw – How To Install Blade

Many times, when it comes to power tools, changing the blade isn’t easy and that is why this jig saw surprised us – when it comes time to change the blades, it can be done without having to hassle with it. All you have to do is press the lever and place the new blade in the clamp and then you’re done.

Watch the following video to see how to install the blade.

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We feel the size is just right – it’s not too big and not too small and the D-shaped handle makes it easy to hold. It offers some vibration absorption, which is good if you plan on using it for a prolonged period of time.

It’s not all that heavy and feels well balanced and sturdy. The Black+Decker BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw is solid enough to use for hours on end, without worrying about it.

Simply by adjusting the shoe, you will be able to make some pretty good bevel cuts.

Dust Collection

We find the dust collection feature pretty interesting. This tool has a slot that will allow you to attach a vacuum hose to get rid of the dust.

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Black+Decker BDEJS600C Pros

  • Good wire guard
  • Affordable price
  • Variable speed
  • Keyless blade change
  • Capable of making bevel cuts
  • 5 Amp motor is powerful

Black+Decker BDEJS600C Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • The power cable is a bit on the short side

Black and Decker BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw Review

“Powerful, easy to use with the dialing speed feature.”

“Very well built.. I use it alot. Love the tooless blade change and it feels great in my hands while cutting. Also the vacuum tube option is a nice addition.”

“Great everyday jig saw. Powerful enough and allows better control when cutting tighter curves than my previous basic jig saws.”

“For less than $30, you won’t find a better Jig Saw. It’s surprisingly a higher build quality than I expected.”

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If you’re looking for a good jigsaw on a budget, then the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw might just be a suitable option for you. Looking at the jigsaw, it has everything you would expect a basic saw to have and it is built with a powerful motor.

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We would have to say it would be a great tool for most DIY projects that require a jigsaw. Black + Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select Jigsaw 5.0-Amp is light in weight, comfortable to use and more maneuverable when it comes to making curves. Even for beginners, it’s easy to use.